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Get deals done faster.

Macro is a new document editor (word + pdf) built for negotiating and reviewing agreements.  
all in one place.

Trusted by 24% of the AmLaw 50, Wall St. firms and the Fortune 500.

Watch 2 min product demo
Watch 2 min product demo
The Macro Method
13 days to close
The Old Method
103 days to close

Drag & drop a Word or PDF

Macro natively edits .pdf and .docx so there’s no compatibility issues for you or counterparty.

AI helps you understand

Click on any defined term or section to see the meaning and how it’s used. Ask our legal AI questions and get instant answers.

Spot errors before sending

AI finds embarrassing errors and omissions like wrong names, broken references, missing terms, and placeholders. It happened to the best of us, until we built Macro.

Send to counterparty

Macro enables turn-based redlines so you don’t have long email chains, confusion and closing delays. Eliminate version chaos, enter version control.

Get back redlines

Ideally counterparty uses Macro so everything works seamlessly. But even if they email you an attachment... you can still use Macro’s compare and merging tools to continue.


Close the deal in Macro.
Macro helps you

Close deals fast.
Control the process.
Eliminate risk.

“I truly believe that if you’re not using Macro, you’re going to be left behind.”
VP, Wall St. Bank. 
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“When you think there must be a better way... you are probably right.”
Oz Benamram, CKIO @ Simpson Thacher.  
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“Macro very much simplifies trying to find information and answer questions.”
Eugene Pevzner, Allen & Overy. 
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