Announcing our $9.3M raise led by Andreessen Horowitz 

Write, edit and review smarter.
Macro is a new AI-powered word + pdf editor that helps you navigate long documents, understand detailed information, write and collaborate smarter with your team.
*For Mac & Windows. No credit card or account required.
Trusted by the world’s top banks, law firms, investors, insurers & the Fortune 500.

Casey Flaherty

CSO @ LexFusion

The power of defaults cannot be overstated. The fact that Macro saves to PDF means that I never have to worry about compatibility. My work environment materially improved without the need to bring others along at the same pace. It is a change-management dream come true.

Fiona McLay

Consultant @ King & Wood Mallesons

📢 Tech tool: Macro makes reviewing complex documents fast and painless. No more octopus arms trying to keep a finger on all the relevant clauses and definitions. #OldLawNewTricks #contracts #techtips

Oz Benamram

CKIO @ Simpson Thacher

When you think There must be a better way... you are probably right. But building it yourself is most likely the wrong answer. And if you can't convince any vendor to build it, it might not be a problem worth solving...

Eugene Pevzner

Associate @ Allen & Overy LLP

In the past, I would have to open Adobe PDF, and either have the same document open in multiple places or do manual cross-references. Macro very much simplifies trying to find pieces of information and answer questions

Adam P.

CLO @ Ancient

Macro's hyperlinking of key terms allows me to work through dense agreements that have extensive cross-references both efficiently and comprehensively. It’s a time saving powerful tool I use daily!


The ability to work efficiently is more important than ever. Associate Director of Innovation, Thor Alden, will demo the tools available to you, such as Macro [...] that allow you to move much faster when responding to client demands and in getting your day to day work done.


Cooley Backs AI Tool Macro's $9.3M Seed Round.
Intelligent Linking

Navigate like a web page.

Click on any defined term, section, chapter, clause, and more for instant context.

See it in action (2 minutes)
Click on terms, figures, and more to show a preview from elsewhere in the document.
Document Compare

End version chaos.

Compare, consolidate edits from multiple Word and PDF files into one version, generate blacklines in bulk, and reduce document-related emails by 80%.

See it in action (2 minutes)
Consolidate edits from multiple authors/files into one version.
PDF Editor

Read and edit lightning fast.

Navigate PDFs with automatic hyperlinks, bookmarks, and tabs. Edit documents with a PDF editor comparable to Acrobat Pro.

See it in action (2 minutes)
Macro creates an outline for your document automatically.

Get more done with built-in intelligence

Purpose built for complex documents, Macro’s AI copilot helps you write, review and edit more efficiently without the risk of making factual errors. Trusted by AmLaw 50.

  • Review clauses
  • Summarize long documents
  • Look up internal documents
  • Find mistakes
  • Answer questions
  • Double-check facts
  • Auto-complete paragraphs
  • Rewrite sections
*For Mac & Windows. No credit card or account required.