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"Do you know if
final_final_v9d.pdf is final?"

Macro helps everyone from your team to your clients collaborate on documents, compare versions and consolidate work, without the email mess.
*For Mac & Windows. No credit card or account required.

“Macro Compare gives you time, when you have no time.”

Senior M&A partner
@ AmLaw 50 Firm

Consolidate conflicting edits from multiple authors.

Stop wasting hours juggling through emails, duplicate files, and dispersed comments.

Consolidate versions into a final version.

Compare more than 2 files at the same time.

Other compare tools only handle 2 documents at a time. In Macro, compare multiple docs. Get 1:1 comparisons and a consolidated version.

Accept or reject changes.

Get everyone on the same page with real-time highlights, edit capabilities and versioning control.

Pin sections or add comments for later review and get a chronological timeline of past work.

Industry-standard formatting.

🟥 Red → Deletions.
🟦 Blue → Insertions.
🟩 Green → Moves.

Also, Macro Compare's blacklines and consolidated files won't change your file's formatting.

The modern alternative to Litera.

Macro is simple & more powerful – without the big price. Your compare tool should match the way you work – not the other way around.
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Compare multiple documents
Accept or reject changes
Detect any type of edit
1:1 comparisons and consolidated versions
Export to DOCX or PDF
A fraction of the cost
Used by 25% of the AmLaw50

"Macro’s hyperlinking of key terms allows me to work through dense agreements that have extensive cross-references both efficiently and comprehensively. It’s a time saving powerful tool I use daily!”

Adam P
CLO @ Ancient

Draft, review & edit all in Macro

Switching is easy.
Compare your next docs in Macro.

Compatible with PDF and DOCX files

Whether you work solely in Macro or back-and-forth with Word or Adobe, edits carry over.

Zero training needed

Users get going with Macro right away thanks to our modern and simple interface.

Advanced security

Macro is proud to be SOC-2 compliant. We have passed security standards for public companies.

Clear benefits

Professionals who use Macro save on average 4 hours per week in documents.

Enhanced privacy

256-bit TLS encryption for secure information transfer.


The app has been purposely built to handle long, complex documents of all sorts, in seconds.