How did Macro get its name?
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How did Macro get its name?

Macro was born in the 1960's as computer software house when computers were in their infancy. We started out doing process control programming for utility companies as Macro was (and still is today) SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) oriented. Back then, most real-time process control programming was in basic languages like assembler. One for one instructions - one step above machine code.

Real-time programing was very detailed and time consuming. No high level languages or operating systems like today. When writing code you had to repeat a series of instructions to complete a process. This was time consuming, and error prone, so special instructions were created to expand automatically into a set of code. It saved a lot of time and once you created this command and debugged it, it was quite helpful to the programmer. This special instruction was called a “Macro”.

Though Macros are still used today, it was a big deal back then. And for a company doing real-time SCADA programing and process, the name fit. So the 5 founders of the company selected that name for their company, Macro.

So when someone says "Macro" it's likely they are just bragging about their size. But now you know the real story. Macro is a technology division of Ross & Baruzzini committed to efficiency and accuracy. 

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