Passenger Rail

Macro understands how to manage the complex challenges of train control and critical communications systems. We specialize in designing and overseeing the construction and commissioning of control centers and the systems that go into them. Our expertise includes strategic planning for rail agencies as well as assisting our clients in preparing competitive bid documents, facilitating contract negotiations, and overseeing the subsequent design, installation and acceptance testing.

Many of our seasoned, field-tested systems engineers have hands-on experience, both as designers and operators of rail control systems. Because our staff has a deep understanding of rail operations, we can effectively communicate with an agency’s control center staff and support the re-engineering of the operations to take advantage of the new system functions that will be provided with the upgraded system. Our field-proven competencies include centralized traffic control (CTC), traction power supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), integrated communications switch (ICS), and passenger information systems.


Ed Molloy, PMP Ed Molloy, PMP Executive Consultant, Director of Rail & Transit Engineering

Ed joined Macro in January 1999, bringing with him considerable operational and systems-level experience in railroad train control, communications, and signaling systems, with emphasis on train control system software development including fault-tolerant implementations.  Since joining Macro, Ed has served as project manager for train control system design and implementation projects and is currently Macro’s Project Manager for the Amtrak Northeast Corridor CETC Replacement Project.  He is knowledgeable in all aspects of the NEC system including the implementation of the ACSES system and its involvement toward a Positive Train Control (PTC) system.

With Amtrak between 1976 and 1997, Ed held a variety of jobs in the signal department including managing the installation of a major interlocking on the Northeast Corridor. When Amtrak installed the first North American passenger railroad central control system in the mid-1980’s, Ed was technical lead on the team responsible for installation, testing, and commissioning of the train and power control centers at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia and South Station in Boston. Ed also managed the Penn Station Central Control (PSCC) project through integration, an assignment requiring a rewrite of the original system’s half-million lines of code.

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