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Ongoing Support

How we make sure that you always have a great experience.

Local reporting

Macro outputs usage and crash logs to the local machine for troubleshooting end-user issues. On Windows these are stored in %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Roaming/@coparse/electron/logs and on Mac they are stored in ~/Library/Logs/@coparse/electron/.


We release updates approximately monthly and plan on moving to a quarterly release schedule as the application matures. There are two updating configurations:

  • Manual: when the app is installed at a system level (e.g. per EXE Installer with MECM (SCCM) the app will not automatically update. Please email to be added to the mailing list for new releases.
  • Automatic: when the app is installed on a user level the app automatically updates itself to the latest version in the background when a user is using the application.

When possible, we strongly encourage automatic updates. It ensures our latest improvements will make it to your team and reduces the burden on IT of manually installing updates.

License Monitoring

In addition to license activation data, Macro reports back minimal session start and session duration data to ensure compliance with the license terms. This can not be turned off or tampered with by the end-user or organization.

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