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Analyze and extract key deal information faster.

Macro’s enhanced reading capabilities and AI-powered summaries help finance pros make quicker and more precise investment decisions by extracting insights from legal documents.
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Casey Flaherty
CSO @ LexFusion
The power of defaults cannot be overstated. The fact that Macro saves to DOCX & PDF means that I never have to worry about compatibility. My work environment materially improved without the need to bring others along at the same pace.
Fiona McLay
Consultant @ King & Wood Mallesons
Tech tool: Macro makes reviewing complex documents fast and painless. No more octopus arms trying to keep a finger on all the relevant clauses and definitions. #OldLawNewTricks #contracts #techtips
Oz Benamram
CKIO @ Simpson Thacher
When you think There must be a better way... you are probably right. But building it yourself is most likely the wrong answer. And if you can't convince any vendor to build it, it might not be a problem worth solving...
Eugene Pevzner
Associate Counsel @ Allen & Overy LLP
In the past, I would have to open Adobe PDF, and either have the same document open in multiple places or do manual cross-references. Macro very much simplifies trying to find pieces of information and answer questions!
Adam P.
CLO @ Ancient
Macro's hyperlinking of key terms allows me to work through dense agreements that have extensive cross-references both efficiently and comprehensively. It’s a time saving powerful tool I use daily!
Investment Associate
Private equity firm
It’s like Adobe PDF on steroids. Reviewing docs is so much easier and faster. Macro’s pretty much always open on my computer!
Intelligent Linking

Click on terms to view their definitions.

Eliminate hours of scrolling & reviewing with automatic linking between and across documents of terms, sections, figures, charts and more.

Don't let legal teams slow your deals.

Consolidate multiple contract versions in seconds. See who’s made edits or comments. Get the most up-to-date version out the door fast.
Automation icon Macro

Mass-produce documents from templates.

Need to send the same document to hundreds of investors? 

Don't pay interns to do it. Macro can produce thousands of documents from your templates.
Embedded Intelligence

Ask AI to search & analyze documents.

Read through 10-Ks, credit agreements & LPAs much faster. Macro’s AI can reference internal documents and provide contextual analysis to help you make better decisions.

Integrated with your workflow.

Boost your productivity without changing how you work. Macro natively integrates with your everyday document tools and is fully compatible with .PDF or .DOCX files.

“In the past, I would have to open Adobe PDF, have the same document open in multiple places or do manual cross-references. Macro very much simplifies trying to find pieces of information and answer question.”

Eugene Pevzner
Associate Counsel @ Allen & Overy LLP

Switching is easy.
Draft, review or edit your next contract in Macro.

Macro is a new AI-powered word + pdf editor that helps you breeze through document work so you can focus on what matters most.

Compatible with PDF and DOCX files

Whether you work solely in Macro or back-and-forth with Word or Adobe, edits carry over.

Zero training needed

Users get going with Macro right away thanks to our modern and simple interface.

Advanced security

Macro is proud to be SOC-2 compliant. We have passed security standards for public companies.

Clear benefits

Professionals who use Macro save on average 4 hours per week in documents.

Enhanced privacy

256-bit TLS encryption for secure information transfer.


The app has been purposely built to handle long, complex documents of all sorts, in seconds.