New updates and improvements to Macro.

3.0 improvements

January 3, 2024

Massive editor improvements, Compare edge cases, and personalized sign-in page. 

With this release, we’re getting much closer to a document editor that fully supports both document drafting and editing, whether in draft format or PDF. 


  • The editor is more stable, fast, and responsive. 
  • Open documents 250%+ faster. Up by 500% for certain legal documents.
  • Fixed bugs related to track changes and long documents with cross-references. 
  • You can add all document elements by typing “@” in the editor (page numbers, headers, footnotes, tables, …).
  • We made moving and editing items like images, tables, and footers easier.
  • New personalized sign-in page.
  • Compare algorithm improvements, supporting edge cases

Macro 3.0

November 15, 2023

Today, we’ve announced that Macro’s document editor and AI document chat are out of beta and available to all Macro users, along with significant improvements to our Compare functionality.

This is the next step for Macro as an all-in-one document workspace for knowledge professionals, and we’re very excited to unveil 3.0 🎉.

Click here for a detailed walkthrough of every 3.0 capabilities.

📝 Editor (Early Access)

- Opening any DOCX file in Macro will automatically open the editor. If you are on a PDF file and want to switch to editor mode, click on “PDF” and switch to “Editing.”

You can also choose “Track Changes” to make your edits tracked changes when collaborating with others.

Draft & edit

Editor comes with embedded AI and workflow improvements. By simply typing “@”, you can:

  • Ask Macro’s AI to write text.
  • Ask Macro’s AI to generate definitions.
  • Insert anything into your document, like images, tables, videos, headers, footnotes, and more.
  • Also, you can highlight text to make styling edits and revisions.

🤖 AI intelligence

MacroAI is our contribution to enhancing legal work with best-in-class AI technology.

It can:

✅ Review clauses

✅ Answer questions

✅ Auto-complete paragraphs

✅ Summarize long documents

✅ Find mistakes

✅ Double-check facts

✅ Rewrite sections

✅ And much more!

Compare 3.0

Starting today, blacklines generated by our Compare feature follow industry standards when it comes to color or codes:

🟥 Red → Deletions.

🟦 Blue → Insertions.

🟩 Green → Moves ➡️ Moves.

This new version also supports comparing a wider variety of document formatting, including:

  • Page numbers.
  • Tables.
  • Sections.
  • Table of contents.
  • And more.

Version 2 Updates

June 1, 2023

For MacroBeta users: We've made significant progress towards our PROD editor release date of November 1st! We are incredibly excited about what we've built and the final touches to come.

  • Overhauled and fixed numerous edge case bugs and issues with Compare, including PDF comparison stability, output formatting, and much more.
  • Fixed several bugs with Automate: loading CSVs and XLSX now correctly respect headers and transposing.
  • Shrunk total application download, installation and executable size by 40%.
  • Fixed aspect ratio for organize pages on non-portait pages and rotation.
  • Fixed loading certain types of encrypted PDFs in Organize.
  • Fixed opening external urls from hyperlinks.
  • Fixed several early termination conditions for document preprocessing in the viewer and DOCX and PDF comparison.
  • Lowered baseline memory usage of the idle application by about 30%.
  • Fixed organize pages not treating merges or loading multiple documents as an edit.
  • Fixed numerous UI styling quirks throughout the application.

Our team has been hard at work for our "era of polish." Version 2.7 brings a smoother, more stable experience with numerous bug fixes, performance improvements, and UX enhancements.

  • Enhanced comments experience: Comments are now visible on the right hand side, and float next to the intended content.
  • PDF Processing improvements: We've significantly improved the error handling for our local PDF processor, avoiding errors in a wider variety of environments.
  • Added ability to set default on Mac OS.
  • Organize pages revamp: we've overhauled the organize experience, which will allow much easier merging, rearranging, rotation, and manipulation of pages.
  • Bug fixes: We've fixed a few potential failure cases with loading encrypted files, among numerous other optimizations.
  • Compare fixes
  • Improved granularity for changes spanning multiple paragraphs or tables
  • Registers comparisons of headers and footers, preserves when necessary
  • Increased customization of output file types (PDF, DOCX) during multi-file export
  • Performance increases; app now loads 2x as fast!
  • Placeables improvements
  • Numerous QOL changes
  • UI Improvements
  • Added support for native PDF bookmarks alongside Macro's AI TOC
  • Added enhanced recent file selector, filtering, and starring
  • Added hotkeys to numerous additional functionality
  • Prevent search results from disappearing on key press
  • Security enhancements, performance improvements, and bug fixes
  • [Bonus] Finished technical foundation for our (not so) secret big release — coming very soon!

The Macro Release

February 1, 2023

CoParse is now rebranded to Macro ( - a new name to reflect our expanded product and roadmap. Read more here. Our first release of the Macro app contains:

  • A fresh UI + UX for the PDF Viewer
  • Hotkey support throughout the app, plus tooltips to guide you
  • Authentication/License Activation revamp (10x increase in all account operations speed)
  • New annotation features: shapes and page numbers
  • Comparison revamp! Compare PDFs, export multiple files, and see revisor names in track changes.
  • Improvements to Search Pane (Simple and Advanced Search)
  • Improved settings page
  • Enabled DMS integration throughout all file loading operations in the app
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

CoParse 2.3 achieves app-wide performance improvements, bug-fixes, and quality of life changes (not to mentioned numerous feature additions!)

  • Performance improvements, including:
  • Significant improvements to the scroll speed and page render times
  • Smaller application size
  • Faster initial launch time
  • Word search: see and quickly navigate word search results in the Search side panel
  • PDF comment threads: create threaded replies to comments and annotations
  • Added hotkey accelerators
  • Added Windows 11 support
  • Numerous app-wide bug-fixes
  • Added persistent pinned terms
  • Improved iManage integration with file saving
  • Bugs fixes and improvements
  • Added Automate - automatically extract bracketed terms from template Word docs and fill with a spreadsheet UI
  • Added redaction
  • Internal links open in PiP
  • Fixed exporting PDFs from Organize
  • Fixed numerous bugs and QoL improvements
  • Revamped home page to include sidebar with application launchers
  • Added application level tab bar to support multiple open documents or workflows
  • Updated PDF Viewer styling
  • Improved authentication to avoid frequent re-logins
  • Added enhanced Compare tool - blackline, multiple blackline, and consolidate edits
  • Added standalone organize pages tool
  • Added eSignature launcher
  • Numerous bug fixes, performance optimizations, and stability improvements

Version 2 of CoParse overhauls the homepage and introduces numerous new tools to make your work faster and more efficient.

Version 1

October 1, 2022
    • Fixed issues when saving highlights
    • Fixed certain highlighted text displaying in the left hand pins panel
    • Fixed bug related to double-click highlighting of text
    • Quality of life optimizations
    • Performance improvements
    • Added ability to decrypt password protected files
    • Added ability to encrypt / password protect a file
    • Overhauled text layer system to enable immediate document interactivity
    • Improved + smoother highlighting
    • Added status indicator popups in lower right corner
    • Decreased logical parsing time by ~15%
    • Decreased document page load times
    • Added ability to fill and save PDF forms
    • Added full OCR capabilities
    • Auto-detect PDFs that require OCR, prompt user to perform OCR and parse within CoParse
    • Styling improvements
    • Bug fixes
    • File system (saving, loading, caching) improvements
    • Organize pages revamp - new user interface with more intuitive controls
    • Added loading indicator to the homepage when DOCX files are dropped into the dropzone or opened via the file picker. This aids users in understanding that work is being done — especially for long Word files — when the document does not show instantly
    • Printing
    • Fixed DOCX loading bug that caused, in some instances, DOCX files not to load properly in a new window
    • Fixed slow window load times on some PCs on Windows OS