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We’re proud to announce we’ve raised a $9.3M Series Seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz! We welcome a16z’s Kristina Shen and Zeya Yang to the team. Craft Ventures, BoxGroup, 3kVC, Cooley and others participated in the round.

What we're building

At Macro, we’re redefining the productivity suite by rebuilding the entire set of open-format document and communication apps.

In the past few years, great new products have come out for internal collaboration. And yet, working across organizations is still largely done in email for comms, pdfs for proposals, docx for contracts, pptx for deals, and xlsx for financials. These documents (and the emails they’re attached to) are open standards: that means anybody is free to build compatible apps. Still, we’ve seen little improvement in many years.

We’re excited to build tailored productivity solutions for different verticals — law, consulting, banking, investing, sales, real estate, insurance, accounting and tax — instead of one-size-fits-all.

We started by building a better document editor. Using AI, it pulls out key terms, sections, equations, and more to make the document interactive and hyperlinked. It’s already used by the majority of Wall St. investment banks, AmLaw 100 and Magic Circle law firms, hedge funds, private equity funds, endowments, and companies small and large.

Little did we know, our quest to upgrade the document experience was only the beginning of a much bigger mission. As we started to serve these organizations, we were surprised by how many document problems were still left to solve. Managing versions, information chaos, and busywork still plague most workstreams.

We’re excited to solve these problems for our end users and enterprise clients — thank you all for working with us to improve our product!