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Picture this: You’re juggling to get work done. You have multiple PDFs open and need to merge some PDF files. 

As you open Adobe Acrobat, you get notified about the end of your free trial… 

What if you could effortlessly combine PDFs -  with precision - without stress - for free - and no clunky interface? 

This article explains how you can combine PDF files easily with Macro.

How to combine PDF files without Adobe Acrobat?

When you use Adobe Acrobat to merge PDF files, you:

❌ Pay for an expensive subscription-based tool to access advanced features

❌ Use a tool with a complex user interface

❌ Face difficulty collaborating with your team in the PDF merge process

❌ Can’t use its merging tool on different devices

So, what other tool can you use to merge PDF files?

Macro is a new AI-powered Word + PDF editor that helps you navigate long documents, understand detailed information, write, and collaborate with your team.

The software lets you merge PDF files without having to pay a dime.

Here's what you get when you use Macro to merge PDF files:

  • There are no constraints on file size or number of documents to merge. Macro can quickly process files, regardless of their size. 
  • Macro's user interface is designed with simplicity in mind. You don't need to be a tech wizard to navigate it.
  • Macro isn't just for tech-savvy individuals. It's designed for everyone – from students to professionals to small business owners. No matter your background or PDF merging needs.
  • Reorder, add or remove pages to your PDFs before merging. Rearrange them by dragging and dropping pages.
  • Merge single or multiple files at once. 

Follow the steps below to merge PDF with Macro:

Step #1: Open a PDF file on Macro and click the “Pages" icon (left-side, top menu bar)

Sign in with Macro. Click Open a PDF or DOCX file. Choose a PDF you want to combine.

Next up, head to the top page of the PDF file and click the Pages icon on the top left corner.

Step #2: Click “Organize, export, and merge" to open a dashboard

This section helps you organize document pages, export to new formats, and merge with other documents. 

Click Organize, export and merge to:

  • Select pages from the PDF you want to merge
  • Rearrange pages
  • Merge PDFs

Step #3: Combining PDF Files in Macro

To merge files in Macro, click Add files and add the second PDF file you want to merge with the opened PDF

👀 Note: There is no limit on the number of files you can merge. 

Once you choose the PDF you want to merge; it will automatically be added to the previous PDF file without changing its layout.

Step #4: Select the PDF you want to merge and click “Open"

Macro adds the second PDF just below the first one. 

Here's what I mean – if you have a PDF named A of 10 pages and combine another PDF named B, you can see PDF B after the first 10 pages of A.

But what if you want to shuffle pages after merging PDFs? 🤔

Macro allows you to reorder, rearrange, or drag and drop pages to organize your merged PDFs.

After organizing, click Done and download your document.

Read and edit documents faster with Macro.

“In the past, I would have to open Adobe PDF and either have the same document open in multiple places or do manual cross-references. Macro very much simplifies trying to find pieces of information and answer questions”  – Eugene Pevzner, Associate @ Allen & Overy LLP.

If you want to merge PDFs easily, for free, sign up for Macro