About Us

Ross & Baruzzini | Macro enjoys industry-wide recognition as a systems engineering consultancy firm proudly serving public transportation providers, public safety agencies, utilities, and similar services-oriented companies. Almost all of our projects are focused on assisting clients with the procurement and installation of appropriate technology infrastructure and real-time systems designed to improve service operations, safety, and security.

We specialize in the planning, design and engineering of state-of-the-art command and control, communications and information systems. Our expertise extends to all phases of a project’s life cycle—from planning and design to procurement assistance, implementation oversight, construction management, commissioning / testing, and quality assurance.

As independent, seasoned systems consultants with no commercial ties to the vendor community, Ross & Baruzzini | Macro always maintains an unbiased, client-focused perspective at all times. 

Our Mission

To deliver unbiased and expert consulting services throughout the planning, design and deployment of operations control centers, advanced public transit systems and communications systems for use in the transportation, public safety and other critical infrastructure sectors.

Our Values

Focus on Clients. Each team member is committed to understanding our clients’ unique goals and providing customized solutions that achieve a tangible return on investment.

Provide Unmatched Expertise. We deliver value to our clients by leveraging industry-leading expertise to provide dependability, quality and consistency for each project engagement.  Most of our staff engineers have joined us from the markets we serve, or the system suppliers that do, bringing decades of proven, hands-on, senior-level experience helping our clients overcome their largest challenges by thoughtfully and cost-effectively leveraging technology as a tool.

Deliver Innovation. By encouraging excellence from each team member, we exhibit a passion for finding innovative, but realistic and financially responsible, new approaches to solving our client’s most challenging problems.

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Our History

It’s 1968. Just a few years earlier, computers were being introduced into enterprise operations, mainly supporting financial applications. A few process-oriented systems companies predicted correctly that computers would significantly improve industrial and utility operations – by collecting massive amounts of data in “real-time”, analyzing and reducing that data to accurate information about how their process was performing, and finally presenting that data in an organized and meaningful fashion to the personnel who operated their facilities.

A number of pioneering individuals were trying to program SDS 910/920 and SDS Sigma 2, Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-8, Data General Nova, and Bailey Meter Company 855 computers to perform functions they were never designed and intended to perform. After totally rewriting the operating systems for these computer platforms, they were able to successfully perform process control functions and handle real-time (“priority interruptible”) events.

A group of five of these pioneers, working to develop applications for these rudimentary real-time systems, also recognized that public utilities, transportation agencies, and private industrial firms might benefit from subject matter experts who understood both their operating needs and how computers might be applied to improve operations. They also believed that end users would need these experts to assist in formulating a statement of requirements, in assessing whether these new tools could achieve their vision, and in requiring a host of related services that would enable them to procure and commission this new technology. After a year or two of deliberations, five of these pioneers decided to form an engineering consulting firm that served these organizations, and Macro was born.

Our Team

Firm Leaders

  • Megan Huff, PfMP Megan Huff, PfMP Vice President & Managing Principal, Macro, a division of Ross & Baruzzini

Market Leaders

  • Ivan Pagacik Ivan Pagacik Executive Consultant, Director of Public Safety & Communications
  • Ed Molloy, PMP Ed Molloy, PMP Executive Consultant, Director of Rail & Transit Engineering
  • John Muscatell, PE, PTOE John Muscatell, PE, PTOE Director of Intelligent Transportation Systems

Business Development